“I find it very difficult just to sit. I would love to learn
how to do that with contentment.” Hume Cronyn.

Many say contentment is the key to happiness. I couldn’t disagree more. If contentment makes you happy you are living a life of false happiness. Sooner or later you’ll realize it’s a nothing but a mirage. Better sooner than later so you still have time to do something with your life and find genuine happiness.

Happiness through contentment is similar to being a happy drunk. It feels good but it’s not real. It’s empty, short-lived and a total waste of time.

Happiness feeds on achievements not contentment:

My happiness feeds on my achievements in life and boy it consumes a lot of them. My happiness needs to be fed daily and generously to keep shining. I strive every day to be a better father, husband, entrepreneur, athlete and friend. Every time I reach a new milestone I look ahead to the next one. I’m never content with what I reach or achieve. I always want more – to reach higher, farther – to be better, stronger. While this kind of attitude makes some people miserable, for me it keeps me happy because I always feel like I’m on the move either physically, emotionally, socially or morally. Standing still, facing another day with the same status quo petrifies me.
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